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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  August 12, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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in just a few hours, there will be a town hall on health ca . nd views on both sidese othf debate are already getting ready. reception going on at the white house right now. president obama istios hng a meetos and greet with the newes supreme court judge, sonia sotomayor. good morning, everybody. welcome. good morning. i am barbara harrison. joe krebs is on assignment. the debate over health care reform rages on. and last time a senator got an
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earful by people who were upset about the health care reform. >> reporter: 2 1/2 hours before they can get in, three hours before the event even starts, people were lining up. they are here for a town hall meeting on the plan for health care reform. it's being conducted by senator ben carden, and the lines have already been drawn. >> this health care program is not about reform, it's about total takeover. takeover of the health care system, not reforming it. >> on monday he got a taste of what he may be in store for today. the times, things got down right ugly. >> even though there is not a perfect bill. we know this is not the bill that is ult miimately going to voted on anyway, and there is a civilized way of getting the
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truth as it's understood now. >> reporter: will the debate on health care turn out to be unhealthy? because of some of the rowdiness at the event on monday and rowdiness seen at the other events across the country, security is beefed up here today. not only campus security, but the washington sheriff's department will be on hand. more on news4 this evening. >> keith, arehey screening people that go in for this town hall? >> reporter: they are definitely some procedures in place, and they are, from what we have seen, patting people down. they are letting people know what they can and cannot bring in. >> thank you, keith. happening now, president obama is holding a reception for the supreme court justice sotomayor in the white house east room. sotomayor is the first hispanic and third woman to serve on the
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high court. there were two different ceremonies on saturday swearing her in. and the fed does not want to raise the rates. and the rates on credit cards and consumer loans should stay low. the fed is not expected to make changes for the rest of the year. et m cshroil peolic police officer. it pap hped h monday night near rag in fmeinrom a tinfficinhomet as -yolea32dr-as32-year-old s henley jr. w on route 97 when his motorcycle was struck by a pickup struck. the driver of the pickup truck was not hurt. in july, brooks broke into dozens of cars in parking garages, and that's just in
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silver springs. megan mcgrath is live in montgomery county. >> reporter: what they are see something a bump in car thefts. in almost all of the cases, the owners of the cars left their valuables out in the open, and the temptation proved to be too great for some would-be thieves. police are reminding people to hide your valuables. >> good morning. >> morning. >> reporter: at the cameron street parking garage in downtown silver springs, a gentle reminder, don't forget to keep your valuables out of sight, or better yet, take them with you. there was three thefts of cars from this garage in july.
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officers have began to hand out flyers reminding people to stash anything of volume. >> if you leave something in your car, that somebody can see from the outside, that gives them the opportunity to break into your car and take their property out. and so in crimes, that's what we want to eliminate, the opportunity. >> reporter: the driver this car left their gps succession cup to the windshield in plain view. this woman says she always protects were volumes. but her friend, joanne, admits sometimes she for gets. >> sometimes i put it in the pocket of the car, and then i ve to come back to the car and get it. >> reporter: the thefts occurred at all hours, day and night. police are not sure whether the same person is responsibleor
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all of the crimes or not. and they have not made any arrests. back to you, barbara. >> megan, thank you. it was a violent night in the district. seven people were shot in the span of nine hours. a man was shot to death in the 1800 block of gainesville around 6:00 last night. two other men were shot about 11:00, also in southeast. one man is in critical condition from the shooting and the other expected to be okay. another man was found shot and wounded around 11:30 in southeast on stanton road. and three men were shot in southeast around 2:00 in the morning. one of them is in very critical condition at this time. and another person was found shot at the 200 block of w street 30 minutes later. he is expected to be okay. police are trying to figure out if the shootings are connected. 30 years after her disaearance, her mom is still
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searching for her daughter. jackie winborn is digging in the wooded area where belle is allegedly buried. for more than a decade police have been searching to find bell's body. herself confessed body also once tried to help the police find the body, but they found nothing. but she keeps looking, and she is not giving up until she finds her daughter. >> police are investigating the murder of a popular uchg. she was found in her home back on july 24th. police have this surveillance video recorded from a camera next door. it shows a black vehicle pulling up to the clinic, and somebody running up the driveway. and the police think the vehicle is a black infinity, and ranging
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up to 2008. tom kierein, what are we expecting for the rest of the day? >> well, it does look like the heat wave is over. we got to 93 yesterday. i don't think we will hit the 90s today. we also had a little bit of light rain passing south of washington, and now it's dissipated. and another area of light rain just now crossing out of t shenandoah valley. and elsewhere, no precipitation around. temperatures have climbed now to around 80 degrees. it's now 81 in washington. mid-70s further to the west. near 80 near the bay. it's a steamy morning around southeastern virginia, in the mid-80s there. it's cool out of the mountains. only in the mid-60s there. and these are the current dew points. it's drier to the west and
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north. and over the last six hours, we have seen a few showers heading our way out of the southwest. we have a stalled front to the south and east, and that will be hanging around for the rest of the afternoon. and maybe a vocal point for a passing thundershower. maybe east of washington, as afternoon highs climb into the mid and upper 80s. humid but mostly cloudy and cooler than it was been than the last three days. and we will have a wind variable, north and then southeast later in the afternoon. we'll look at the tropics in just a few minutes. >> can't wait. thank you, tom. let's see how traffic is moving out there on a wednesday, almost noon. about an hour to go. jerry, what is it looking like on the roads now? >> 50 minutes, and it's lunchtime. let's head out and take a look. slow going because of midday
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roadwork. 95 northbound as you head up from woodbridge toward lorden, taking away the far right lane. and so if you are headed that direction, heads up. elsewhere, we will let you know things are moving along relatively well to the wilson bridge with no late issues. there had been an accident, outer route 50 is now long gone. it's 10 minutes after 11:00 right now. a reality show too real. a tv host is accused of ordering murders to boost the ratings. a dramatic mountain rescue caught on tape. hear from the police officer about how they pulled it off. new information about the health of a dog rescued from a dumpster in d.c. while you were sleeping, you missed a spectacular sight in the skies you don't see very
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a dog rescued from a dumpster is not doing as well as veterinarians hoped. they downgraded the condition of the dog they named trooper. somebody beat trooper and left her to die. the vet says her facial injuries are not healing and the prognosis for her is guarded. if trooper does get better, the
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humane society hopes to rehab her and find her a loving home. a dramatic rescue caught on tape. happened ag rag alaav h p p a play by py tofh amazing rescue. >> reporter: a 34-year-old hiker injured and immobiled in the shenandoah mountains, and his best hope is from above. there was an 84-mile flight made before rangers could get to him, and they began a dgerous area rescue mission. and it started with the sergeant being lowered to the victim. >> he looked surprised, because i came on with my helmet and invest and gear, and he looked surprised but grateful. >> reporter: for a pilot, it was no easy task. he knows the dangers about the
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rocky and wooded mountainside. >> you cannot see what is going on below you. you are counting on the rescue technician in back who is telling you your position is left and altitude is good, and come left 2 or right 3. >> we try to revert back to training. i think of it as another training mission. and as long as i do it that way, everything will work out. >> reporter: it worked out for this hiker, and the crew flew back for sergeant hurley, and he was brought back not in the rescue basket, but on this device. all in a day's work? not really. >> it's beyond the pail. >> yeah, and it was for a certain hiker.he umi ishe a cal affect when they see your face. the most-watched natural s show of the year took place
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today. the annual meteor shower peaked this morning. they could see one or two meteors per minu. we did not get to see it. we were sitting here through most of it -- >> but there were clouds. what it is, the remains of a comet. the earth passes through the tail of the remainingf the comet. and it's like when you are driving through and your windshield hits the bugs. it's orbited around the sun, and when the rocks hit the atmosphere, they burn up. >> do they ever become meteorites and hit the earth? >> not with that one. just a night light show. and we are seeing sun showing a after a very cloudy start this morning. as we look at the live view from the sky watcher camera, you can see hazy sun breaking through. mostly cloudy, and that's the
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sky watching looking off towards virginia. here is the view from our city camera. t trying to skyline, but a come through at this hour. we did have a few light sprinkles to the west and south. right now, they are getting a few sprinkles where they see the dark blue in the northern .ckne showing up towards charlottesville. and look at the lows we had this morning. a nice change -- that's a typo. right now it's 81 in washington. and we are at the upper 70s in prince george's county and montgomery and fairfax and arlington, it's around. and the eastern shore. it's now around 80 degrees there as well. and as we take a look at the dew points, they are in the upper 60s. that is somewhat humid, but not terribly humid.
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it's very humid in southern maryland. dew point there in the mid-70s now, and off to the west, dew points in the mid-60s. not too uncomfortable. and prince george's county is at 79, and their mont a t one inch. the dew point there is a bit steamy, a 69 dew point. and it's a cool august morning there in the mid-60s, and around the lower eastern part of the shore and around the banks and virginia beach. and we have seen some of the showers moving off to the north and east, and way out in the atlantic, we have this tropical depression number two. here is washington and the eastern seaboard and florida. it's way out here in the far eastern atlantic. and it's continuing to move off to the west, but much of the storms with this are way off from the center, the center of circulation is right about in here. and this low is producing winds of about 35 miles per hour. still a depression, and it may
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become tropical storm anna. later today, the peak gusts are at 46. it's over 3,000 miles east-southeast of ocean city now. and it continues here on a westerly track here in the next couple days, and maybe become a minimal tropical storm. and then heading off to the north and west, it may become a little bit stronger of a tropical storm, but it does not happen it could become a hurricane. but further to the south and east of that, a stronger wave coming off the coast of africa that may be a little more potent than that one. let's take a look at other area temperatures. it's mild and cool for august, all throughout much of the midwest. temperatures are only in the 70s now. it's in the 60s in new england. this is unusually cool as we get into mid august. we have a stalled front now just to the south. that's the main focal point for any rain, a weak low forming
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along that. as it moves by, it may trigger a passing shower or thundershower by later this afternoon as we look at the future cast where you see the colors where we could get a passing shower or thundershower this afternoon or evening. and then thursday, another chance perhaps of an afternoon shower or early evening thundershower. and here are how things are looking for the rest of the afternoon. the temperatures are reaching the mid-and upper 80s. still warm and humid. not as hot as it has been the last several days. there is a slight chance of a passing insuthundershower. overnight, too, maybe a passing shower or thundershower. and by dawn, r ea70r thursday, partly suy,nd a afternoon highs, mid-80s. and more of the same on friday and saturday. remain g humid. sunday, monday,estuday, paryar s, cha chance of afternoon es,nd thundershowers. no heat wave returning in the
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foreseeable future. we will take that in august. >> yeah, and it might continue tonight for the showers? >> it peaked last night. >> okay. let's check with jerry. >> this time around moving along well. take a live look at the capital beltway, just above the american legion bridge. the construction signs are there on the shoulder, they are warning folks about uneven pavement and work overnight. lanes appear to be open in both directions. and fire and rescue crews on the scene of an accident report on route 29. look out if you are headed there. right now at the wilson bridge, both directions looks like they are moving along quite nicely. back to you, barbara. >> thank you, injury. high profile baseball coach gets caught in the middle of a sex scandal. a tv host is under arrest. he is accused of ordering hit jobs to boost his ratings.
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a rare look inside of the lost and q@qoññóóóó>ó>ó>ó>ó>ó>ó> nc
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we have breaking news at montgomery county. firefighters are on the scene of a large house fire. this is in the 600 block of white oak. firefighters were battling the
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fire, and we are told some propane tanks at the rear of the house got fire spreading into the house. there is no cause for the fire -- or at least we have not heard yet, and there are no reports of injuries. can you see smokeoming through the roof. when we get more information, we will bring it to you. in other news this morning, the host of a television crime show in brazil is accused of ordering murders to boost ratings. he ordered hits on people and then showed the footage on his reality crime show. investigators seized one, $175,000, and that's $175,000 at his home along with illegal firearms and ammunition. 15 others suspected of participating in the scheme have been arrested. he was kicked out of the police force before he began hosting the show. to britain now, where police released photos of two men wanted in the biggest gym heist.
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it was in the mayfair district. they took over 40 items including rings and bracelets and watches involved at $35 million. police hope somebody recognizes the men and comes forward to identify them. and theobby is said to be the biggest england heist. and thstill to come in the next halhour, president obama and the white house will change their message about health care reform. new information about that h flight stuck on the tarmac for
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hours overnight. find out what the airline is giving the psengers in return for that. o> >??/ñ/ñ/ñ
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you and your cronies in the government do this stuff all the time. well, i don't care! >> town hall meetings on health care continue to produce dense moment and in someo-faceon
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on and politicians. this comes as the president continues to try and ease fears abt hisan. .ooremo more. >> i am having to go wait in line. >> reporter: this was kansas. >> we have had it with go we are fed up. we think it stinks. >> reporter: earlier in new he called wild misrepresentations about what reform wouldbring. >> death panels basically pull the plug on are cuttingm not in favor of medicare benefits. this is not about putting the government in charge of your health insurance. >> get back in your bus and go home! >> reporter: protesters in.
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here was janet dillon from massachusetts for her mother. >> she along with other elderly people, they will be given a pill to make them comfortable while they die. >> is there fear? yes. it's mixed in with anxiety and a sense that people have that things are taking away from me, and my home is not worth what it was, and i don't know if i can keep my job, and my retirement camp, and i want to keep my health care,h working. >> reporter: not for 15 million people that have no health care. they packed theia to get care private insurance agree that getting them coverage is a priority, and would bring down it made. harder this month to figure out . dhe world are remembering eunice
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shriver this morning. she passed away yesterday at a hospital in cape cod. she sufferedtr sokes strokes in recent years. she may be best known for founding the special olympics. president obama said shriver taught the nation that no mentan the power of the human spirit. she will be laid to rest in undergoing parostate cancer. he is doing well. let's get an update on the forecast. >> well, a nice break from the heat wave we have had over the last three days. we had the temperatures exceed 90oi going to do that. we had cloudiness around this ar where you see the area of colors.
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there is one thund g light rain in the northern neck. this is moving off to the north and east, and another batch of valley, it too moving to the north and east, and maybe moving up towards the southern suburbs next three or four hours. elsewhere father to the west and north, we don't have precipitation. a little sunshine breaking up, and overall mostly clou are 80 degrees. it's near 80 in washington, and arlington and fairfax and montgomery and prince george. and in great falls, around the neighborhood network, it's 78. the dew point 68. rather humid.look at the monthl than and the eastern shore, hot there. 91 down in salsberry. and int' 85. more humidity there, too. a steamy day around the beaches and the outer banks. and here are dew points in the
11:34 am
70s. and here we are in the 60s for the dew points. not quite at six hours, we have seen som of the rain moving from southwe northeast, coming along a stalle us a passing afternoon otherwise mostly cloudy and rath humid. highs rnd a r upper 80s. maybe a chance of pasngevening,d otherwise cloudy tonight into tomorrow morning. and partly sunny a chance of a passing r each day mainly in remaining humid. highs in the 80s, and partly cloudy and a chance of afternoon thundershowers for thursday, friday and saturd. back to you. now let's look at traffic, jerry. >> good morning, barbara and everybody. roadwork slowing down these folks in the northbound lanes of coquanerd. ee a good-sized delay there. and southbound, that's moving
11:35 am
along well at this hour. elsewhere, there are no worries reported either way to and across the woodrow wilson bridge. i-66 cleared out for the morning commute. and between the capital beltway and frederick, and reportedly all lanes are open. back to you. >> thanks, jerry. >> more trouble for metro. a train operator was on drugs, apparently, when he made a dangerous mistake. a green line train left the station shortly before 5:00 p.m. on july 31st with two cars too many for the transit system, which is only operate safely ght cars. and a passenger notified them about the extra cars. luckily, nobody was on the extra cars. and the workers responsible for preparing the train underwent drug and alcohol testing. >> the operator that was involved in bringing the train from the yard to the greenbelt station platform tested positive for drugs. >> he is currently in a drug
11:36 am
rehabilitation program. >> he is currently in a drug rehabilitation program, we understand. metro says the employee is now in rehab and currently not drawing a salary. no formal discipline terry actia been taken. the bodies were found believed to be those of the passenger and the pilot. >> you see why it took so long r officials and divers to make the appropriate attachments -- >> reporter: investigators will look closely of the pieces of the plane that collided with a helicopter over the hudson. police divers located the plane in the murky water. and they pulled the last two
11:37 am
remaining bodies from the wreckage. >> authorities finally getting the wreckage on the boat, where they begin the long, long investigation. >> reporter: crews lifted the mangled helicopter from the river. five italian tourists and the pilot were onboard when it collided with a small private plane carrying three people. the crash gives debate about the airspace. >> it's an accident that could have easily been presented by the faa. >> if you have training and you can handle it, no reason to think that you are not safe. >> reporter: questions of air safety over the hudson. leann gregg, nbc news. taiwan is still reeling this morning because of widespread flooding. rescue workers found nearly 1,000 people alive near three remote villages that flood waters washed away. still, though, hundreds of
11:38 am
missing and feared dead. over the weekend a typhoon dumped 80 inches of rain on taiwan, causing mudslides and destroying homes. one local grocery store is getting ready to slash its prices. an inside look inside the lost and found inside one of the country's busiest
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passengers stuck on a continental airlines plane for six hours are getting their money back. the jet was bou for minneapolis, but landed in rochester minnesota, due to bad weather. nobody was allowed off the plane until 6:00 in the morning. authorities want to know why they were not allowed off the plane for six hours. and secretary of transportation writn to the airline asking for more answers. there is a place where you can find just about anythi. clothing, electronics. everything. all of it lost and then found at airports. at dallas ft. worth, the lost is found a little bit bigger than a cardboard box. the reporter, scott friedman, got a look inside. >> reporter: southwest airlines collects all of the things passengers forget when they get off the plane. >> i am much stuff is in here. >> yeah, pretty amazing.>> repod
11:42 am
crates full of car seats, and enough books to fill a library. and a pile of electronics that will blow your mind. the airline finds about fiv sin month. >> a lot of nainme names in them, but yourprised h. s >> slipped down. and it's easy to lose a phone. >> reporter: when the airline could not find it, les and w ca black phones in the bin to figure out which one was his. >> after i called you, and they called and are shipping your phone out fedex. >> pink cowboy hats, and law ana
11:43 am
phone? the airline recently reconnected a grto-be with a $15,000 engagement ring he left on a plane. >> my understanding he did make the proposal, and the young lady accepted, and a few days later, a couple fruit baskets turned up on our door for the employees to enjoy. >> surprisingly, few call to track down things they lose. >> unfortunately, i think expec their valuable things are turned in. it's unclaimed property winds up at the salvation army. unwitnessing donations made by people in a hurrhurry. >> you how busy we are as americans. >> that was scott friedman
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reporting. and the unlucky 13th month a row. fewer visited sin city this fewer conventions are being held. there is a silver lining to this. if you wanted to travel to ve s vegas, you can find great deals now. and some shoppers are about to get a break on their grocery bill. there will be a price cut initiative today. and the cuts will be targeted primarily at staples. he cuts on some items sgh a at high as 25%. it's an attempt to lure customers. cnbc's courtney reagan joins us live with today's business headlines. >> good morning to you.
11:45 am
stocks are much higher right now. ahead of the fed decision. that's rare. usually you see tepid trading unsure of what will happen. and they know the bank will not moven interest rates, but they could decide to move the program by donating government bonds. and that's a key move to help the financial system. and the official statement will come out in a little more than two hours from now. and asian markets tracked wall street losses yesterday. and europe, higher. and macy's stock is 5 cents above analysts estimates. and they raise the forecast for the rest of the year. things looking better at the big retailer. and mortgage applications fell 3 3.5% last week. and bernard madoff's right
11:46 am
hand man pleaded guilty. he has been cooperating with the government, and he worked for madoff for 33 years. he told the judge he created false records and lied about activities. he faces 125 years in prison, but will likely get less time given his cooperation. the judge, however, did not agree to let him go out on bond. the obama administration is thinking about making cash for . it could dampen the impact of the program. there are changes down the road is what it looks like. >> thank you, courtney. >> thank you. >>230 miles per hour, that's the n the chevy volt. that's the electricity car
11:47 am
expected to hit the market late the pce tag is estimated at $40,000, and it would cost 3 cents a mile to drive it. it can go 300 miles, and then it has to be plugged in unlike a lot of the other hybrid models. brian moore reports. >> reporter: 230gaon. that's the jang bottom line for chevy's volt. the card to hit the market later next year. >> they commute less miles a day, and most volt operators will operate without having to use a single drop of gas. the price tag is estimated at $40,000. it would cost roughly 3 cents a mile to drive. it can go 300 miles, and then has to be plugged in, unlike today's popular hybrids. >> this is not a vehicle for everybody. gm is not intending it to be a vehicle for everybody. what is important about the volt
11:48 am
is the technology. for future applications. >> reporter: gm is trying to rebuild itself. the aomaker is experimenting with selling cars through the auction sight, ebay. still, the volt a tradical. >> i am used to these type of cars that run on gas. >> reporter: others are eager for . >> would you pay $40,000 for an electric vehicle? >> yes, i would. >> reporter: why? >> because it's safer for the environment. >> reporter: where will they plug in? >> they will be filling stations for electric cars, am sure. >> reporter: faith shared by it lookso the fure of auto making. brian moore from washington. we have breaking news. a person struck by a train at
11:49 am
the west falls metro station. we will have more on this as we get it. meanwhile, tom kierein, we will have a look at your forecast coming up. the results of a new major health study which takes a look thak w you can eat, and a look at alzheimer's. we are looking for people that makehe day special in the early-morning hours. ebody like atwth, e-mail their picture and their story to nbcwashington
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right now, cipolitians, activist and actors a blieing welcomed to the wteho eiuse. they are all winners of the medal of freedom. among the recien,pi an actor and a teacher, and senator ted kennedy. and aurious is said to be suffering with a fever and sore throat. he suffers from asthma, is in a high-ris category. would you follow a strict diet if you knew you could reduce your risk by half.
11:53 am
diet and exercise may play a big role. >> reporter: doctors have long talked about the benefits of a mediterranean diet for a healthy body, and now it could be good for a healthy brain. a new study published shows elderly people who were active and consumed a diet high in fruits, vegetable, like fish and low in red meat and poultry, showed a lower risk of alzheimer's disease. >> it shows a genetic component in terms of risk for alzheimer's disease. and there is some part of the risk that may be related to our live style and our behavior. >> reporter: the doctor from the medical center studied residents over a five-year period. they found that those with
11:54 am
high-level activity and stuck to a mediterranean-type diet, had less of a chance of suffering from alzheimer's. many nutritionists say eating a diet rich in healthy fats and nuients makes sense. >> good cholesterol levels. maintaining blood flow to the brain, obviously is imperative for maintaining brain function. >> sticking to a healthy diet and exercise may really be using your head. nbc news. another note, nutritionist say a healthy diet and exercise can help anybody at any age. more on the breaking news out of northern west virginia. a person struck by at
11:55 am
the west falls tra station. the tin hea hdeded on the orange line when it struck the victim. customers not expect any major delays, though, because there are three sets of tracks going through that area. coming up later this afternoon, on news4 at 4:00, a local judge is in trouble with the law for tampering with a co-workers car outside the courthouse. the jackson siblings may have a reality show. and talk about sweetener hitting the store shelves. join us for news4 beginning at 4:00. let's get a final look at our forecast now from tom kierein. hey, tom. we had quite a bit of cloudiness. as we approach the noon hour we have sunshine breaking out. it's hotter on the eastern
11:56 am
shore. and one thundershower that broke up in the last hour. that's tracking off to the north and east. and that is mainly just really heavy straight down rain. and maybe a little thund and lightning with that. and elsewhere, a few sprinkles around the northern neck of virginia where you see the patch of blue. and as we look further to the west on radar, this is an area of light rain, and it's just around charlottesville and over to harrisonburg. if it holds together, it could move up towards fairfax and the district, and perhaps in the next, oh, couple hours or so. elsewhere, further to the north, we don't have any precipitation at this hour. temperatures are around 80 degrees now. the dew points are in the upper 60s to near 70. that is getting rather humid. out in rockville, the neighborhood network, it's 80 degrees. the monthly rain there about 6/10. and theastern shore, 90 degrees. it's steamy there as well as the
11:57 am
outer banks. you have seen showers moving southwest and northeast. there is a chance of a passing thundershower this afternoon, otherwise mostly cloudy and highs reaching the and upper 80s. and near 70 tomorrow morning. and during the day on thursday, looks like a partly sunny day. still rather humid, and highs in the mid-80s. and still a chance of a passing thundershower. and more of the same on friday and saturday as well. morning lows near 70 and afternoon highs in the 80s and a small chance of passing mainly afternoon thundershowers. for sunday and into next week, it looks partly cloudy each day. morning lows near 70, and afternoon highs in the mid-80s near sunday. mid to upper 80s on monday and tuesday. a small chance of passing afternoon thundershowers. that's how it looks on this wednesday morning. we will see you tomorrow morning. barbara? >> thank you, tom. when you are stuck in traffic, it could get boring.
11:58 am
one new york city traffic officer is trying to change that. meet hutchinson, she likes to have funky moves as she directs traffic in manhattan. she says it's a way of passing the time, and get the traffic going, too, and puts a smile on some of the commuters' faces. joe krs and i will be back tomorrow morning, and we hope you join us then. have a terrific day, and we will see you in the morning. >ó#d
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